Lazar was a Romulan Commander in the 2280s. He was the commanding officer of the Romulan bird-of-prey ChR Harrier.


In 2285, Lazar, the Harrier, and several battleships then surrounded the USS Excelsior under Admiral James T. Kirk when he violated the neutral zone. At first, Lazar refused to believe Kirk's story about the doomsday bug. However, Lazar agreed to hear Kirk out by allowing him to beam aboard the Harrier. Lazar then became convince when the ChR Predator's Captain Tr'Aet, attacked him. Lazar then agreed to a temporary alliance between the Harrier and the Excelsior.(TOS - The Doomsday Bug! comics: "Death Ship!", "Stand-Off!", "The Apocalypse Scenario!")

In 2286, Lazar and the Harrier were sent to a planet in Sector 9. There his crew ambushed a Starfleet landing party from the USS Cluster under the command of Capt. Edward Fields. He and his men then killed Fields and party. Lazar then returned to the Harrier. When he saw that the Cluster's deflector shields went down, he fired on them, decimating the Cluster's C deck.

After the Cluster hit the Harrier hard, Lazar was then contacted by the Cluster's acting captain, Ronald Penn. When Penn demanded Lazar's surrender, he merely laughed at him. Lazar and a boarding party beamed aboard surrounding Penn and bridge crew. Just as Lazar was about to execute Penn, he was almost tricked by Penn's own "Corbomite Maneuver" but saw through it. Just as Lazar was about to take the Cluster's crew as prisoners, Capt. James T. Kirk and a security team from the USS Enterprise-A intervened. Lazar told Kirk that it was all a misunderstanding and that, out of his respect for Kirk, all ships should retreat from the disputed area. However, Lazar was shot by Penn, which caused a firefight between the three crews. However, Lazar and his boarding party beamed back to the Harrier. (TOS comic: "Idol Threats")

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