Lead (symbol Pb) is a chemical element, a poor metal with atomic number 82 on the periodic table.

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Lead has an atomic mass of 207.19. Lead was discovered by Humans in Earth's ancient history. (ST reference: Star Fleet Medical Reference Manual)

Lead can be used for radiation shielding and can also block signals from communicators and tricorders.

A geyser of molten lead once threatened to set down upon a Starfleet landing party from the Federation starship USS Enterprise as they traveled planet Klatoor between the plateaus of Amsha and Kla seeking components to build a cyclonic generator from the five plateau-dwelling tribes of the Klatoor natives. (TOS - Star Trek Annual 1978 comic: "... Wild Goose Chase!")

There was a high lead content in the soil above the underground Federation Battle Station Torgu-Va. This blocked the tricorder uplink that Commander William T. Riker had with the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D). (TNG novel: The Forgotten War)



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