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Leah Sapp was a 24th century Human woman, a cadet attending Starfleet Academy at the same time as Jean-Luc Picard, in the 2320s decade.


Leah Sapp was known to step in and defend Picard whenever there was a discussion or dispute between cadets during their time as students at the Academy. On one occasion, when Picard was disoriented by spotting Delcara wandering in a secured area near a class, Sapp asserted to Morgan Korsmo that Picard's concern was serious, if there was indeed an unauthorized person on campus. Picard had attributed her friendliness toward him as infatuation, that he had not acted on. This led him to believe that perhaps he did need to loosen up a bit, as he might have been passing up on a good thing. (TNG novel: Vendetta)

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