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Leanne was a 24th century Human. She was a resident of Deep Space 9 during her teenage years, in the 2370s decade.

Biography[edit | edit source]

As a child, Leanne's father would take her to visit nature preserves on the planet Vulcan, which gave her the impression the planet was uninhabited by humanoids, but rather was all wilderness. (DS9 episode: "Life Support")

Leanne and Jake Sisko became romantically involved in the year 2371, after his fling with Mardah ended, after her relationship with Orak had ended. (DS9 episodes: "Fascination", "Life Support")

Later that year, she asked Jake to arrange a double-date with her friend Riska. Nog invited himself along, but the date did not go well. Nog, who was raised with Ferengi customs of owning women, insulted Leanne and her friend. (DS9 episode: "Life Support")

Leanne visited Bajor and was due to return to Jake on DS9 when Jake's father, decided to take his son on a voyage in a Bajoran lightship. (DS9 episode: "Explorers")

Leanne was played by actress Lark Voorhies.

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