Leata at the Club Aknar.

Leata was an Orion female of the mid-23rd century. She was a dancer, bounty hunter, assassin, and possibly an Orion slave girl.

Circa 2261, Leata's sister was murdered on Rigel II by the Tellarite Muso. For the next three years, Leata hunted Muso to kill him for his crimes.

Leata later worked as a dancer at Club Aknar, circa 2264, and had dealings and a romantic relationship with a Human man named Knox. There, Knox provided her with Muso's location: the planetoid Babel, where Muso was a delegate at a conference held at Babel Station. She later claimed her master sent her to kill Muso in exchange for a bounty on his own head.

It's not clear if Leata is an Orion slave girl in service to this master, or if she is free and working independently.

After traveling to Babel, Leata seduced Muso outside the Babel Station, and was attempted to knife him when Fleet Captain Christopher Pike saw and intervened. Leata escaped using her gymnastic skills. She later infiltrated Babel Station and Muso's quarters, planning to kill him there. However, Pike was now conducting his own investigation and discovered her. She flirted with Pike to distract him with her pheromones, but he resisted the influence.

Ambushed coming out by Muso's thugs, and then by Muso himself, the pair fought together to defend themselves, where Leata displayed her impressive gymnastic martial arts skills. Turning the tables on Muso, she finally had him on the floor and ready to kill him. However, she relented when Pike said he couldn't allow her to murder him. Muso was arrested by station security and Leata supplied a memory record containing three year's worth of evidence on Muso.

Leata and Pike kissed, but she disappeared before she could give evidence of her own. (ST - Alien Spotlight comic: "Orions")

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