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DataEbraExocomp 77Hover CarHargonLindaJean-Luc PicardPlimpRadWilliam T. RikerChristoph Westlakechatty birchfive-legged alien bear

Starships and vehiclesEdit

USS Enterprise-D (Galaxy-class)


Blood Worm Awareness Conference HallEarthRunyan 8Starfleet Academy
Referenced only 
Serengeti 5

Races and culturesEdit

Andorian war constructAndroidExocompHumanmech-zebra

Other referencesEdit

degenerative facial asymmetry disorderKhitomer MassacreTwo's Company, Three's a Crowdπ Is the Ratio of a Circle's Circumference to Its DiameterYour Mother Hates MeIliad
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