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Ledbetter was a male Human who served as a Starfleet officer in the 24th century. As of 2357, he held the rank of captain, and was assigned as commanding officer of the USS Yorktown. (TNG novels: Fortune's Light, Reunion)

Ledbetter had to divert his vessel away from its course just ten hours away from Starbase 18, to meet a destroyer (unnamed Federation starships) that had just left that same starbase. The diversion was necessary because the Yorktown had accidentally picked up the destroyer's second officer, Lieutenant Commander William T. Riker. Riker later recalled that the Yorktown captain made the stern Jean-Luc Picard seem like Francis of Assisi by comparison.

Riker was assigned as the Yorktown second officer two years later, and reported to Ledbetter. The first thing Ledbetter asked was if Riker had been hiding out in the cargo bay the entire time. (TNG novel: Ghost Ship)

Ledbetter was given the nickname "Captain Leadbelly" by Lieutenant Teller Conlon. (TNG novel: Fortune's Light)

Prior to Riker's transfer to the USS Hood, Captain Ledbetter told his junior officer that he took too many chances. (TNG comic: "Thin Ice")

Though Riker's former CO on the Yorktown is mentioned in several stories, his name only appears in Fortune's Light and "Thin Ice".
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