Emperor Ledoy was a male humanoid, the highest authority on the medieval planet Jodarr in the 23rd century.

History[edit | edit source]

Ledoy was not born to royalty. He was once the commander of a school that trained knights, including Rolano. The best knights became Kuderian Guards, personal guards of the emperor.

The day before a battle, Ledoy visited the Shrine at Dafu and met the Great Vrunon. Through sagely advise and possibly technological advancement, the wizard-like being supported Ledoy's rise to power. Warrior kings battled each other until Ledoy defeated them all. He was crowned emperor and held a week of coronation celebrations at his castle.

In 2266, a landing party from the USS Enterprise visited Ledoy's castle. James T. Kirk brought a written scroll offering best wishes for peace and prosperity from the Federation, then attended the celebrations. Montgomery Scott likened Ledoy to King Arthur.

On a whim, Ledoy chose to marry Sylva, lover of Rolano. But when she told Rolano, he was arrested for touching her. Ledoy sentenced him to death, feeling it necessary to rule by fear to prevent the warrior kings from overthrowing him. At Kirk's request, Ledoy asked Vrunon's opinion, but the wizard supported Ledoy. Kirk then volunteered to replace Rolano in arena combat with a gordoon, a dragon-like animal.

Meanwhile, Vrunon had discovered the truth about his mission, and interceded in Kirk's battle. In person, he said Ledoy should rule through love rather than fear. Ledoy agreed to do so and released Sylva from marrying him. (TOS comic: "Spore of the Devil")

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