This page details a counterpart of Lee Kelso in the Kelvin timeline; for the Lee Kelso in the primary universe see Lee Kelso.

Lee Kelso was a Starfleet officer in the 23rd century of the Kelvin timeline.


Born in San Francisco, California, Earth in 2232, he served as a backup navigator aboard the USS Enterprise, serving at the position on the bridge when Pavel Chekov needed to be relieved. (TOS comic: "Who's Who in Star Trek 1")

Information on the prime reality's Kelso is vague as to when he was orphaned. If the death of his parents was prior to the Kelvin incident, this basic background information would be the same. If his parents did not die prior, he may not have become an orphan.

Kelso was a member of the Starfleet Academy graduating class of 2257. When James T. Kirk was made captain of the Enterprise, he brought Kelso aboard, because he considered him to be one of "the best" and not due to their friendship.

Later on that year, Kelso watched Gary Mitchell's chess games against Kirk. When the SS Valiant's distress beacon was retrieved, Kirk brought Mitchell and Kelso on duty. Kelso also navigated the ship into the galactic barrier per Kirk's orders, causing the navigation console to explode. Despite this, Kelso remained unharmed.

Kelso accompanied Kirk, Spock, Montgomery Scott and Mitchell to Mineral Processing Facility DSE-Grissom on Delta Vega, where Kirk planned to maroon Mitchell. Kelso helped Chief Engineer Scott search the facility for the materials needed to restore the Enterprise's warp drive. Mitchell escaped from confinement and encountered Kelso, who drew a phaser on him. Mitchell forced his former friend to shoot and kill himself with the phaser. Kelso was subsequently buried in space. (TOS - 1st story arc comics: "Issue 1", "Issue 2")



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