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Lee David Sterling was a 23rd century Human man, born in the 2220s decade. Sterling was a career Starfleet officer, and by the 2260s he had risen to officer rank in Starfleet's Galaxy Exploration division. By the end of that decade, he was a lieutenant commander serving as the chief science officer of the USS Lexington. (FASA RPG module: Cadet's Orientation Sourcebook)

The character of Lee Sterling was created as a the subject of an illustration of how to correctly fill out a character data sheet for the RPG game. A short story of his life and times was provided to show the kind of events that go into building a career represented by the dice rolls and numbers on that sheet.


Lee Sterling was the son of noted Federation astronomer William B. Sterling. His father's career led Lee to an early interest in the space sciences, especially when the family traveled away from Earth to live on Luna when Lee was very young. As an infant, Lee had difficulty acclimating to low-gravity, and the family was reassigned to Earth when he was two. As a 13-year-old boy, Lee often used telescopes to observe spaceships and starship-class vessels in Earth's orbital drydocks. Lee was observing the USS Constitution's berth of a drydock with a friend, Casey O'Connor, when he received a message from his uncle, Dave Sterling, calling him home. It was at this time that Lee learned his father had been killed in the accidental destruction of the Faraway Observation Station at the edge of the Sol star system.

By the time Lee was a high-school senior, he had applied to Starfleet Academy, but was unsure of his qualifications. He had received an endorsement from one teacher, Mister Carlos, but was concerned by the physical requirements after a discussion with Coach Chesterton. During a senior-class dance, the class president, one Aaron Kling, made a surprise announcement. Unbeknownst to Lee, his best friends D.W. Davidson and Casey O'Connor had known the application results, informed Kling, who told the whole class of Lee's acceptance as an Academy cadet.

Lee Sterling's Academy aptitude tests included an array of written examinations, as well physical exercises. One that Lee eventually understood but was initially surprised about were the gravity trials. In one test, he jogged while the gravity was increased, to see when he would collapse. In another, he was subjected to intense gravity to the point where he passed out.

Lee ended up being accepted, and by his second year at the Academy, four other students from his hometown were also attending, including O'Connor, Davidson, Kling, and Jacqueline Lopez. (FASA RPG module: Cadet's Orientation Sourcebook)

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