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Legacy is a Waypoint comic.


The five-year mission under James T. Kirk was perhaps the most famous mission ever undertaken by the USS Enterprise. Though it secured the legacies of Spock, McCoy, and Kirk himself, it was paid for with the lives and sacrifices of countless officers, among them Engineering Officer Leslie Thompson, the only woman to die on an away team during the whole mission. And Thompson did not die in a heroic display of Starfleet morals. She was unceremoniously, and arbitrarily, killed by the whim of a power mad lunatic. A demise hardly worthy of one who had done so much.

Such as during the crisis with the Terrans where the command crew of the ISS Enterprise was returned to their universe because the then Yeoman Thompson recognized Kirk's anomalous behaviour and risked her career to rewire the transporter and send him home, not, as Spock presumed, a natural cosmic balance. Or perhaps when the doomsday machine attacked and it was Thompson who provided the final burst of power that beamed Kirk from the ruins of the USS Constellation. Or when the Galileo was hurtling towards Taurus II and it was Leslie's rewiring that allowed the Enterprise to beam the five survivors out.

But in the end, Thompson, despite living her whole life believing in Starfleet, did not get to choose her legacy. No one gets too. One can only do their best and let history decide. And while Thompson would have been content that her service would inspire at least one future officer to enlist, she would go on to inspire one of the Federation's greatest heroes.



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Related Stories

  • TOS episode: "By Any Other Name": Thompson was killed by Rojan in this episode, scenes from which are redrawn.
  • TOS episode: "Mirror, Mirror": The Terrans returned to their universe due to Leslie rewiring the transporter explaining why, in later media, crossovers did not usually swap humans and Terrans.
  • TOS episode: "The Doomsday Machine": Thompson was working with Scott to fix the transporter.
  • TOS episode: "The Galileo Seven": Thompson appears to be performing some emergency procedure on the transporter to beam out the eponymous crew just before the shuttle burns up on re-entry, an adventure easily distinguishable by the presence of Samuel Boma in the shuttlecraft and by Uhura's dialogue.


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