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Kirk is summoned to Sigma Iotia II to answer a lawsuit, accused of breach of contract. The accuser is the Kid, who turns out to be the boy that helped Kirk and Spock break into Krako's hideout. He points out that Kirk promised him a piece of the action and never delivered.

In the course of combatting the lawsuit, Kirk is the subject of a number of assassination attempts. The culprit turns out to be Slugo, the hood who Kirk pulled the fizzbin trick on and stripped of his clothes in order to fit in. He blames Kirk for making him a laughing stock and unemployable, but is easily overcome.

Kirk then makes his argument: The Federation's cut of the profits have been channelled into Iotia's education and legal system, which the Kid has benefitted from, meaning he has received a piece of the action. The case is dismissed.

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This story is set in the year 2288, exactly twenty years after the events of the TOS television episode "A Piece of the Action" (itself set in 2268).



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