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Quark recounts famous tales of the Ferengi that inspired the Rules of Acquisition.


From the back cover: For centuries these and the other famous Ferengi "Rules of Acquisition" have been the guiding principles of the galaxy's most successful entrepreneurs. But the wisdom behind them was not won without a high cost in lives and latinum.

Now at last these inspiring tales of avaricious Ferengi wresting monetary gain from the jaws of poverty are available to the profit-hungry across the galaxy!



Pamela AndersonDrew BarrymoreIra Steven BehrBleminBlorkBloutBrolokNaomi CampbellChigCameron DiazDingDirf, son of DorfDrekDrikDuwainDverlFingFrekFlusFlynkFrinxGailaGintGoemGormie GormatopGrebGrekoGrymiGweemoHeckoIshkaIskelJubblettaKalaw, son of LorkaKeldarKonoKoobKraxLogiLonzLorkaElle MacPherson • "Mad Zook" • Mickey Mantle • "Masked Breen" • Jennifer McCarthyMeckoMeeloMilchDemi MooreMornNixNogObeOblatOblixPelElle MacphersonPinoPosckPrompQuarkRauplopRogiRomSaknussenClaudia SchifferShmunBenjamin Sisko • "Slugboy With No Name" • SluggoSmeet the ObliviousSnerSolevSqueebSquimSharon StoneStolStoonkStumpy StropeTironT'lanaT'voraTropTwimUntz the InvisibleVingVinxVoshma the VoluptuousVorpVurpJ. WhalesRobert Hewitt WolfeYinkeeYomgroYostZek


Alpha QuadrantBajorBajor sectorBajoran wormholeBinxBowog BogBowog DamBlopfep WildsBreenCaliforniaCardassiaCaverns of SoggChimera PiCrullus PrimeDeep Space 9EarthEast MorvinFerenginarGlungeGothis MountainsHappy Lobes InnHoopoohoopooHupyrian homeworldKalaw's Klingon KitchenKidneypondKopeKorpaLoomLytasiaMeyupyup DistrictMount TubatubaNoiNorth American Administrative DistrictPike HallPlains of PlolPlateau of DrulPopodoopopopPromenadeQuark'sRangahornRisaRomulusRoplermoop CityRoughlandingSan FranciscoSector 001ShnooShploonish MountainSkimmer Interchange 405Splorplop CircleSplortStairs of GilfoyleStol's House of CollectiblesStumpy's BarTholisTower of CommerceTregasUpper Bowog BayVorp MemorialVulcanWeevilvilleWest WormwoodWohoken

Starships and vehicles[]

Ferengi marauder

Races and cultures[]


States and organizations[]

ChiggerBurgerCorpClothing by ?Daystrom InstituteDesiccated Collectibles MarketEmergency Medical Services, Inc.Ferengi AllianceFerengi Commerce AuthorityFerengi Commodities ExchangeFerengi Financial ExchangeFerengi Morale OfficeFerengi Office of Population ControlFerengi Skimmerway Construction DepartmentFerengi Society for the Care and Feeding of Bajoran War OrphansFerengi Wellness InstituteHaryalevard Academy of Business ManagementHopawup Academy for Young LobelingsFerengi/Hupyrian Friendship BrigadeHupyrian People's Unity FrontLaboratory Assistants' Institute of FerenginarLoog TwinsLytasian Redevelopment FundPilum Porous AgencyQuark Enterprises, Inc.Slug-o-Cola Bottling CompanySound of One Lobe FlappingStarfleetStarfleet AcademySuccessToob WyrmsUnited Federation of PlanetsYand Corporation


combadgeemergency transporterfloatergenetic reconfiguring matrixholosuiteore processorphaserplasma decouplerplasma whipreplicatorself-sealing stemboltskimmerstasis chambertransportertooth sharpenertricorderwarp drivewaste extracter

Florae and fauna[]

albino fangcatbeetlelousebog mosselectric eelfire spidergaghgree-wormGrumpackian tortoisehooyup treeHupyrian wood beetlejoobleMisian bogflyRomulan fire spiderSleekback racing beetlesnailosaurusspiderpoodleTellurian gnattimber weeviltube grubvolewooly slug

Foods and beverages[]

black holebloodwineChiggerBurgerEelwasserflaming novaicoberry juiceroot beerSlug-o-Colaslug steaksnail juicesnail steakwormjuicewormwineyamok sauce

Other references[]

"All We Are Saying... Is Give Lytasia a Chance" • The Arduous Journey of T'lana on the Road to Enlightenment, or Vulcan Love Slaveattainment ceremonyBajoran earringBajoran language • "Ballad of the Swamp King" • Barter Agebaseballbaseball cardbeetlejockeyBibleBlessed ExchequerbogeymanBowog floodburialcadetCelestial Auctioneerschief liquidatorChiggerBurger Emporiumchronitoncommerce zonedabodabo girlDaiMondesiccation diskdextramethametroheblezinediskmongerDivine Treasurydocking pylondom-jotduridiumearthquakeEau d'Snaileconosolipsistic mathematicsfafaFerengi AcquirerFerengi languageFerengi-Lytasian conflictFerengi religionFerengi Rules of AcquisitionThe Ferengi Rules of Acquisition (book)Ferenginoidfirst contactfrinxfuneralGlorpoberGooblatrupyobGolden Age of Silly Bwah-hah-hahsGolden LobeGrand NagusGratitude FestivalGreat Monetary Collapse • "Grymi Says He's Sorry" • Guardian of ForeverGuarding Your Investment, Keeping Your Children ProfitableGweemo's LobemasterheadskirtholodramaholonovelHupyrian beetle snuffHupyrian Conflict • "I Wanna Hold Your Moneybelt" • icoberry • "The Illogic of Death, or, Bringing the Dead to Life, A Noble Experiment" • In Memory of the Fallen, a Tribute to the Tragedy at GrubIsle of Grub FestivalJefferies tubeKeeper of the Dishonored DeadKefkan accommodation houseKlang the Incontinent KlingonlatinumLatinum Mandiblelegacy chestliquidator • "Luki in a Floater with Latinum" • Marauder Momecho-accordianmilliyopmissivemoogieNameless Traitor • "Never Ask When You Can Take" • oo-moxOne for the Children and a Dozen for MeOrigins and Examples of the Ferengi Rules of AcquisitionOrion slave girlOverpopulation Crisis of 17231 • "Pay, Pay Me Now" • peldor joiplasma stormpregnancyPrivateer of the Swampwaysprofessor • "Rally Round the Latinum, Boys" • Sack IncidentSacred AuctionSacred Illuminated balance sheetShlork the Stuttering VulcanskimmerwayslugboySmiling PartnerStone of Deaver • "The Story of Ving and Ding" • "The Strange and True Tragedy of Ving and Ding, the Timber Boys" • Swamp KingSwamp King at SunsetTholian silkThe Three Stoogestime traveltongoA Tribute to Flynk: Twenty-Seven Artists Get Together to Make Money off a Dead Starvacuum desiccation • "Ving and Ding and Their Special Thing" • vole fightingVulcan harpVulcan languagewarp eddywaste extraction • "The Wind in My Ears" • womb rental agreement


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Related stories and reference works[]


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