Leiris was a male Bajoran monk who was on Deep Space 9 in 2370.

When Major Kira couldn't sleep she went to the station's temple and met Leiris, who she knew from the Bajoran Resistance. Leiris was also a former associate of the Kohn-Ma. After learning that Leiris gained access to the reactor control room, Kira suspected that he was the one planting bombs on the station. When Kira confronted him while he was trying to escape to the Swift Striker, Leiris confessed that he had planted the bombs. He told Kira that the reason he did it was because the Cardassians were paying him with latinum, and he wanted to buy a new life. He believed that even though the Cardassians had left Bajor, he had still lost Bajor; that the new Bajor was not the one he had fought to protect. Upon confessing his crimes to Kira, he then killed himself by stopping his own heart. (DS9 novel: Betrayal)

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