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"There are always lives at stake. That's what keep us employed. See, we do what we do so you can do what you do."
Leland to Christopher Pike, 2257[src]

Leland was a male Human, a Federation citizen serving as a covert operative in Section 31 and a captain in Starfleet Intelligence in the mid-23rd century. (ST video game: Star Trek Timelines portal packs "Fresh Faces" and "New Talent", DSC episode: "Point of Light")

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At one point Leland and Captain Christopher Pike had been friends, but had a falling out of sorts due to Leland's involvement in Section 31. Later, Leland was able to acquire a time crystal from the Orion outpost on Qo'noS for the Daedalus Project. He took the crystal to Doctari Alpha where Dr. Gabrielle Burnham and her husband Mike for their time travel suit. (DSC episodes: "Saints of Imperfection", "The Red Angel")

In the year 2257, Leland, disguised as Trill, offered Philippa Georgiou a Section 31 Starfleet badge, and asked her to join Section 31.(ST video game: Star Trek Timelines portal packs "Fresh Faces" and "New Talent", DSC episode: "Will You Take My Hand?")

Leland's scene with Georgiou was not actually included in the broadcast version of the episode, but was posted to the Internet as a bonus scene[citation needed] following the broadcast. It was included in the deleted scenes in the blu-ray release of Season 1 of Discovery.

When the USS Discovery intercepted a shuttle craft with former Terran Emperor Philippa Georgiou on board Leland contacted Captain Pike to request she be released to continue her pursuit of Spock. He later assisted the Discovery in their mission to rescue Sylvia Tilly(DSC episode: "Saints of Imperfection")

Later that year, Control advised Leland that Ash Tyler would be a useful asset to Section 31, which Leland in turn passed along to Georgiou. He took Tyler and VoQ's son, Tenavik to Boreth.(DSC episode: "Point of Light")

Around 2380, Leland was one of the people brought into a reorganized Milky Way Galaxy during the temporal anomaly crisis. (ST video game: Star Trek Timelines)

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