Lieutenant Lern was a male Vulcan who served as science officer in Starfleet in the late 24th century. (VOY novel: Children of the Storm)

History[edit | edit source]

In 2381, Lieutenant Lern was the Hawking's science officer and served on the bridge.

Lern accompanied Admiral Willem Batiste, Lieutenant Vorik and Security Chief Connor Griggs on an away mission to an abandoned Indign vessel and detected organic remains. These turned out to be corpses of sentient lifeforms whose fate the lieutenant reported dispassionately. (VOY novel: Unworthy)

In August, the Hawking met with USS Quirinal and USS Curie at the Som anomaly discovered by USS Esquiline. Lern accompanied Captain Bal Itak to the Esquiline for briefing with the other ships' commanding and science officers. Lern was able to explain properties of the anomaly to Captain Regina Farkas of the Quirinal in a way she comprehended. The four ships began to investigate the Som together. When the anomaly cracked, Hawking was swallowed by one of the many event horizons crashing into the four ships, with only the aft of the vessel remaining in the normal space-time continuum. Along with 800 other Starfleet officers inside swallowed sections, Lern found himself inside the Omega Continuum, represented as a garden. To save the multiverse from annihilation, all trapped Starfleet officers sacrificed their lives. (VOY novel: The Eternal Tide)

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