Lerrit was an ancient nation-state on Bajor.

Lerrit ruled with an oppressive force, and heavily taxed the people under their rule. At one point, the oppression became too much for the inhabitants of Perikia, who rose up against the Lerrit and fought for their independence.

The Lerrit had a (queen ruling) government, with power passing from generation to generation along a line of heirs. Although the Queen held a significant amount of power, she was dying while the Lerrit rebuilt their military forces, although she had sworn to remain alive long enough to see Perikian Peninsula brought back under her rule. It was unclear if it was the Queen or Prince Syba Avtra that contracted shipbuilders from Jerad Province.

After the collapse of the Fire Caves and the destruction of the port city of Yvrig, the Lerret launched a new attack against both the Perikia and Endtree, fighting both on sea and land. The Lerrit Army lost a major battle at Barlin Field, but were able to capture Perikian Free Army General Torrna Antosso and Kira Nerys. Prince Syba confronted them during their incarceration, hoping to extract troop movements from them. During their encounter, the Prince revealed that the Queen had been dead for some time, and he had engineered the resurgence of hostilities along with their alliance with the Bajora.

The Lerrit practiced public execution.

Historical texts contained no record whatsoever of the Lerrit, aside from some archaeological indications of some kind of empire that Kira thought sounded like their nation. (DS9 short story: "Horn and Ivory")

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