The Lerrit Army was the primary land-based military forces for the nation state of Lerrit.

Following the defeat of the Lerrit at the hands of the Perikia, they rebuilt their forces. After the collapse of the Fire Caves and the destruction of the port city of Yvrig, the Lerrit launched a new attack against both the Perikia and Endtree, fighting both on sea and land. The Lerrit Army lost a major battle at Barlin Field, but were able to capture Perikian Free Army General Torrna Antosso and Kira Nerys.

In order to fight the three-prong war against the Perikia and Endtree on land and sea, the Lerrit Army had few resources and personnel left to maintain a presence at Lerrit.

The Lerrit's uniforms were gray and blue, with black cloaks.

The Lerrit army utilized a horn as a signal to retreat. (DS9 short story: "Horn and Ivory")

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