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Yeoman Lesley Wodehouse was a 23rd century Human woman in Starfleet. She was assigned to the USS Enterprise in 2270 to serve as Captain James T. Kirk's personal yeoman.


Wodehouse had reddish hair and hazel eyes. Kirk regarded her as having a round, pretty face. She was known to have a very professional and intuitive manner, and often anticipated Kirk's requests before he made them.

She took on the role of Kirk's yeoman two weeks prior to the arrival of Garth of Izar aboard the Enterprise. She had read of Garth's famous starship exploits, but had been unaware that he'd been institutionalized. She blew the bosun's whistle in the shuttlebay announcing the arrivals of Captains Garth and Fatima Baksh, and accompanied the landing party mission to Antos IV. She rode an ellei, skipping a 300-kilometer desert trip by beaming with Leonard McCoy and their mounts directly to their destination. Her communicator and tricorder were taken by representatives of a rebel faction led by Heje-Illuss. She, along with the rest of the team, were duplicated by Antosians, though her duplicate's voice was a bit deeper than her own. Later, Wodehouse and Pavel Chekov provided supplies to exiled Antosian rebels on the island of Acra and witnessed as many morphed into birds in a fruitless attempt to escape to the mainland. (TOS novel: Garth of Izar)



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