Leslie Thompson was a female human Starfleet crew member on the USS Enterprise, serving under Captain James T. Kirk as Yeoman. (TOS episode: "By Any Other Name"; TOS comic: "Legacy")


Thompson attended Starfleet Academy and married a fellow classmate. The two of them later looked after a Vulcan child. (TOS comic: "Legacy")

In 2267, Thompson was adapt at transporter engineering. She mechanically adjusted the transporter to assist in returning Captain Kirk's and the landing party's doppelgangers back to the mirror universe and returning the right Captain Kirk and his party back to her universe. She later assisted Commander Montgomery Scott and Lieutenant John Kyle in transporting Kirk back from the wrecked USS Constellation before it detonated within the Doomsday machine, working in a Jefferies tube adjacent to the one where Scott did his repairs. (TOS episodes: "Mirror, Mirror", "The Doomsday Machine"; TOS comic: "Legacy")

In 2268, Thompson then accompanied Kirk and the landing party to Nalogen in response to a distress signal. There, she and the landing party were captured by the Kelvans' leader, Rojan. When they attempted to escape, Rojan had both Shea and Thompson reduced to porous cuboctahedron solids. Rojan then crushed her in front of Kirk. (TOS episode: "By Any Other Name"; TOS comic: "Legacy")

Thompson was later listed on Starfleet's memorial to women who lost their lives in exploring the final frontier at Starfleet Academy. Her name was still listed on it as of 2353, when it was observed by cadet Kathryn Janeway. (TOS comic: "Legacy")

Thompson's height is of Julie Cobb, the actor who portrayed her. (Leslie Thompson biography at


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