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Letant was a male Romulan Senator.

In 2374, Letant met with Benjamin Sisko, William Ross and Martok on Deep Space 9, to discuss Romulan involvement in an attack on the Chin'toka system as part of a large invasion of Cardassia. Letant was initially reluctant, and he and Martok clashed over their differing approaches to the war. In the end, Benjamin Sisko was able to convince Letant to involve Romulan forces after commenting that the only way to stop the Dominion was to push them back to Cardassia. (DS9 episode: "Tears of the Prophets")

Letant commanded the PWB Aj'rmr at the time. Letant was a noted strategist. (WizKids module: Attack Wing, CCG set: Blaze of Glory, card: "Letant")

It is never revealed how Letant is able to command a Romulan vessel while still being a Senator. However it's possible that Letant is a veteran of the military.

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