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Lewis P. Baker was a 23rd century Human man, a Starfleet officer assigned to the engineering department of the Federation starship USS Enterprise under the command of Captain James T. Kirk in the 2260s.


Baker was a shuttlecraft maintenance technician, an able shuttle pilot and a good fighter. He enjoyed eating steak. He preferred to do his work in the roomier shuttle bay where he could spread out rather than in the confined maintenance shop. He reported to Commander Wilson.

In 2268, he was making repairs to the class F shuttlecraft Copernicus when Wilson asked him to make it flight-ready for a science survey of Tau Omega III. He was concerned about the ship's surge suppressors, and while they weren't critical, he managed to replace the most essential units before liftoff.

During the flight, he became concerned as Tau Omega's radiation output began blocking communications with the Enterprise. He did his best to reach the planet's protective atmosphere, but an electromagnetic pulse from a solar flare fried the ship's systems and burned Baker's hand. He decided to try landing the ship rather than let its orbit swing back around to the star, and without vertical thrusters was able to crash the shuttle on a relatively level plateau at the edge of a dense forest with no loss of life.

Later, while checking on a sheered-off engine nacelle 70 meters away, he spotted a giant omegasaurus approaching the shuttle and warned Doctor James Brennan, who quickly hid inside for protection. Baker tried to use his phaser on the dinosaur but it was out of power. The animal flipped over and crushed the shuttle, killing Brennan, before the rest of the landing party could kill the creature.

During an encounter with Tau Omega III harpies, the reptiles panicked and attacked. Baker managed to knock one harpy to the ground.

Two days later, Baker joined senior geologist Lisa Bennit in the mess hall and consoled her about the mission's tragedies. He invited her to a party in the maintenance area that evening. (TOS - FASA RPG short story: "Planetfall")



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