The Lfei-sor-Paric were a religious sect within Neyel society who abhorred the use of high technology and did not want anything to do with Auld Aerth.

The group were based on the Neyel Hegemony world of Oghen where an enclave of believers possessed a sanctuary on the world. When the Sleeper's awakening began causing spatial disruptions that were destroying the planet, the followers of the Lfei-so-Paric committed ritually suicide with adults and even children dying a silent death.

Admiral Leonard James Akaar attempted to stop the action only to encounter the lone Goquilav remaining who stated that they had left this existence for a more peaceful one. She informed the Starfleet officer that the sect were the true believers and that a better existence awaited them after death. (TTN novel: The Red King)

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