The Li Nalas was a Bajoran starship and the Bajoran Militia's ship of state in the 2370s. It was named after Li Nalas, the Resistance hero of the Occupation.

In April 2376, First Minister Shakaar contacted Kira Nerys from aboard the Li Nalas, which he was using for a diplomatic tour of the Federation. (DS9 - Section 31 novel: Abyss)

In July 2376, the Li Nalas brought Shakaar, Asarem Wadeen and other Bajoran officials to Deep Space 9, where Bajor's officiation ceremony to join the United Federation of Planets was being held. After Shakaar's murder by Hiziki Gard and the postponement of the ceremony, the Li Nalas left Deep Space 9 for Bajor for Asarem to take control of the government. (DS9 - Mission: Gamma novels: Cathedral, Lesser Evil)

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