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The Liberator was a Borg starship, a Type-03 assimilator in service to the Liberated in the 24th century, and the flagship of the Borg Cooperative in the 2410s decade, the ship used by the Liberated and commanded by Hugh. (TNG episode: "Descent", TNG novel: Greater Than the Sum, STO - Friends in Unlikely Places mission: "Severed Ties")


In July 2380, the Liberator fought off the assimilated Einstein, which had been sent to the Liberated homeworld by the NGC 6281 entity to prevent Einstein from destroying USS Rhea. After Einstein fled the attack and set out to return to NGC 6281, the Liberator set out to prevent it from assimilating the cluster entity. The Liberator arrived at the cluster several days before Einstein and encountered the USS Enterprise-E, which was also attempting to prevent the Einstein from gaining the entity's knowledge.

In the next encounter with the Einstein, the entity only allowed the Enterprise to enter a quantum slipstream vortex, preventing the Liberator from joining battle. After the entity ended the battle between the two vessels, Liberator was able to rejoin the Enterprise under its own power.

In the final battle with Einstein, the Liberator's crew was evacuated to Enterprise, and the ship was essentially used as bait to allow Hugh to board Einstein and deliver a multivector pathogen designed to destroy the Borg. Liberator took a pounding, but survived, and its crew returned to their vessel after assisting the Enterprise in saving the crew of Rhea. After Hugh's death, his mate and former Starfleet officer Rebekah Grabowski assumed command of the vessel. (TNG novel: Greater Than the Sum)

By the year 2410, Hugh was alive and had become the leader of a more powerful Borg Cooperative. The Cooperative had evolved into a union of liberated Borg in the galaxy. The Liberator became the Cooperative's flagship. The ship was equipped with the viral beam array, a weapon that liberated an entire ship from the Collective if it was sufficiently damaged. In an cooperative effort, Hugh lent the viral beam array to an Alpha Quadrant Alliance vessel in the Jarleth system to free numerous Borg ships. STO - Friends in Unlikely Places mission: "Severed Ties")


Background InformationEdit

The Liberator was intended to be the same type of vessel as the ship commanded by Lore's faction of Borg as seen in TNG episode: "Descent". [1]

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