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On their first liberty from the Academy, the women of Omega Squad enjoy a barroom brawl and T'Priell tries to reconcile her Vulcan training with her hidden Romulan heritage. Meanwhile, Nog snoops through Decker's valuable comic book collection. Decker receives an invitation to join a special training team called Red Squad.



Matthew DeckerPava Ek'noorKamilah GoldsteinOlaf KjelgaardLesterYoshi MishimaT'PriellJim Walters
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James BaldwinRobert DeckerTelarkThokolMark Twain


AustraliaSan FranciscoStarfleet Academy campusSydneySydney Opera House
Referenced only 
OguraValley of the Seven WindsVulcan

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Red SquadStarfleetStarfleet AcademyUnited Federation of Planets

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comic bookIslamJewishkahs-wanKoon-ut-kal-if-feele-matyalogicThe Prince and the PauperracquetballSamarian sunsetVulcan nerve pinch



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