A lichen was a type of vegetative life.

When James T. Kirk returned to Organia (which was at the time confined by a thought-shield) in 2269, it resembled a rocky wasteland, "like that of a planet which had lost its last beetle and shred of lichen a million years before." (TOS novel: Spock Must Die!)

A species of lichen native to Vulcan was a powerful hallucinogen if ingested or smoked. In 2247, Spock and David Rabin rescued hostages held by Sered by throwing these lichens into a fire in their hideout. (TOS novel: Vulcan's Forge)

Elysia had a species of fluorescent lichen which grew in caves. (TNG novel: Metamorphosis)

The Kreetassan glowing lichen was another species of lichen, native to Kreetassa. (TNG - Waypoint comic: "Mirror, Mirror, Mirror, Mirror")

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