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"Light and Shadows" is the 22nd episode of Star Trek: Discovery, the 7th episode of the show's second season, released on CBS All Access on 28 February 2019.

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Burnham goes to Vulcan in search of Spock, where she unearths surprising family secrets. In researching what is left of the Red Angel's signal over Kaminar, Pike and Tyler end up in battle with time itself. Georgiou has a few tricks up her sleeve for Leland and Section 31.


Log entries[]

  • Personal log, Commander Michael Burnham. 
    My mother taught me the greatest mysteries come in threes. Birth, life, death. The past, the present, and future. That's where the Red Angel is from. We now have confirmation, thanks to Mr. Saru. The Angel is humanoid and wearing an exosuit made of future technology we've never seen. But whose future, and why? The only person who may be able to answer these questions is the one person nobody can find.



AiriamR.A. BryceMichael BurnhamKeyla DetmerPhilippa GeorgiouAmanda GraysonLelandJoann OwosekunChristopher PikeGen RhysSarekSaruSpockPaul StametsSylvia TillyAsh Tyler

Starships and vehicles[]

USS Discovery (Crossfield-class)



Races and cultures[]


States and organizations[]

United Federation of PlanetsStarfleet

Ranks and titles[]



2250s decade (2250s chronology, Discovery voyages
Christopher Pike continues his investigation aboard USS Discovery, his new command.



  • The 22nd episode of Discovery, this episode was made available on CBS All Access streaming service for subscribers only on 28 February 2019.


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