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Doctor Lily Sloane was a female Human who was living in the 21st century who was an aeronautical engineer who worked alongside Zefram Cochrane on the development of the first warp drive on Earth. (TNG movie & novelization: First Contact)

Biographical data[]

Prior to World War III, Sloane had befriended an elderly Mestral. When the War began, Mestral and a young scientist he met, Zefram Cochrane, traveled the distance from Boston, Massachusetts to Bozeman, Montana to partner with Sloane and build Cochrane's prototype warp engine. (ENT short story: "Mestral")

In the early days of the war, Sloane bore witness to the Autobots leave Earth aboard Fortress Maximus. (TAS - Star Trek vs. Transformers comic: "Issue 2")

On May 6, 2053, Sloane and Cochrane witnessed the disappearance of the O'Neil-style habitats in Earth's atmosphere. (TLE novel: The Sundered)

The dates between "The Sundered" and "Mestral" conflict, given that Cochrane doesn't meet Sloane until several weeks after the World War III nuclear exchange.

Lily was one of the earliest recruits to Cochrane's Warp drive team. She would claim that she believed in the hope that he offered which is why she put up with his drinking and irresponsibility. (ST reference: Federation: The First 150 Years)

Originally, Sloane was to co-pilot the Phoenix with Cochrane and Ellison, but one Bozeman resident noticed that she disappeared that evening. (ST short story: "The Immortality Blues")

In fact, Sloane was transported onto a time-lost USS Enterprise-E, where she received medical treatment from Beverly Crusher. She was eventually stranded from the group of Bozeman patients and assisted Jean-Luc Picard in fighting back against the Borg. (TNG movie: First Contact)

After first contact was made, Sloane was given a special hypo shot by Beverly Crusher, which wiped out her memories of recent events. As such, she didn't believe Cochrane when he made his claims about the Borg and the Enterprise. (TOS novel: Preserver)


A statue of Dr. Sloane was placed outside the Sol Museum of Aeronautical Science. (ENT short story: "A Girl for Every Star")

Sloane was considered a legend in space exploration, alongside Zefram Cochrane and Shaun Geoffrey Christopher. (TOS novel: Captain's Peril)

Sloane's descendants settled on Alpha Centauri IV, where the family name became a space exploration dynasty. Notable Sloanes included Zefram Sloane. (TOS novel: Spectre)

Lake Sloane and the USS Sloane were likely named after her or a descendant. Malcolm Sloane, another Alpha Centauran, may be yet another descendant.


Appearances and references[]

In her one live-action appearance, Sloane was played by Alfre Woodard.


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