Limor Prang was a tall wiry male Cardassian and a prominent figure in the Obsidian Order. It has been said that "If Tain was the father of the Obsidian Order, Prang was its mother".

Prang was Elim Garak's superior and was responsible for giving Garak his orders and general information vital for missions. Some of the missions Prang sent Garak on included the assassination of Proconsul Merrok on Romulus. In one operation, Limor posed as an embassy employee on Tohvun III so that he could communicate with Garak as necessary. (DS9 novel: A Stitch in Time)

In 2347, Prang debriefed Joer Varc after Varc returned to Cardassia from assignment. Garak was present at the meeting and Varc became annoyed at the way Garak spoke to him. Prang warned Varc to stay away from Garak, as Garak had become known as a "Son of Tain". (TLE - Terok Nor novel: Night of the Wolves)

Prang later became involved in the military arm of the Reunion Project. According to a vision received by Garak in the Vinculum, Prang attempted to convince Pythas Lok that Garak should be killed rather than imprisoned there, after the Directorate orchestrated a riot during one of Garak's speeches. (DS9 - Prophecy and Change short story: "The Calling")

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