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Linda Addison was a Human female who served as an officer in the Federation Starfleet in the late 24th century.



In the 2360s, Addison attended Starfleet Academy alongside Sean Hawk. During that time, they became friends and drinking buddies, and would often go on rock climbing trips together. They also shared in interest in 19th century American literature, including the works of Edgar Allan Poe.

After they both graduated from the Academy, they remained in sporadic contact with each other. (TNG eBook: A Sea of Troubles)

By 2371, Ensign Addison was serving as a security guard aboard the USS Enterprise-D, under the direct command of Lieutenant Worf.

In that year, Addison was one of the team assigned to provide security during the inauguration ceremonies for Governor Ra'ch B'ullhy of Damiano. During the ceremony, she was assigned to the kitchen to ensure that all of the food was scanned, along with T'Mor and Lincoln. (TNG - Perchance to Dream comics: "To Take Arms Against a Sea of Troubles", "By a Sleep to Say We End")


A few months after the destruction of the Enterprise-D, Addison took some personal leave and headed to Vulcan to check out rock climbing opportunities. While climbing in Vulcan's Forge, Addison was killed when she pushed from great height by a Changeling in the guise of a Vulcan guide.

Following Addison's death, the Changeling buried her body in a cave well and assumed her identity. The impostor was promoted to the rank of lieutenant and been assigned as the USS Enterprise-E as chief of security. Her body wasn't discovered until early 2372, when the identity of Changeling impersonating her was revealed aboard the Enterprise by her friend Hawk. (TNG eBook: A Sea of Troubles)



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