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This article is about Line/Great House of Reshtarc. You may be looking for the famed Klingon opera composer Reshtarc.

Klingon emblem insignia image.

Line Reshtarc was a Klingon Great House familial line which rose to prominence in the 21st or 22nd century.[1]

History and specifics[]

Line Reshtarc used no standard emblem insignia. (FASA RPG module: Conflict of Interests)

The line Reshtarc was at the forefront of the movement for the racial purity of the Imperial race, and where they could they would replace fusions with "untainted" Klingons regardless of the abilities and record of the individuals in question. They advocated continung hostility towards the Federation, and were highly influential in the High Council in the period just prior to the explosion of Praxis.

As of the 2280s, the Line epetai/Head of House was Councillor Kullor, and total Line membership was somewhere in the range of 25-30 thousand. (FASA RPG module: Klingon Intelligence Briefing)

24th Century[]

Reshtarc's fate after the alliance with the Federation is unspecified, but the political realities would clearly be against the Line's long-established views. Perhaps unsurprisingly given these developments, at least one branch of the Line left the Empire for the Imperial Klingon States and became politically active there. By the 2360s[2] the Grand Admiral of the IKS was Kajek epetai-Reshtarc. (FASA RPG module: Star Trek: The Next Generation Officer's Manual)

Known members[]

  • Acavra Reshtarc
  • Agorva Reshtarc
  • Agriva Reshtarc
  • Akahra Reshtarc
  • Alondis Reshtarc
  • Alork Reshtarc
  • Alova Reshtarc
  • Anissi Reshtarc
  • Aolon Reshtarc
  • Asernic Reshtarc
  • Asevenna Reshtarc
  • Assix Reshtarc
  • Awrenn Reshtarc
  • Kajek epetai-Reshtarc
  • Kelmith sutai-Reshtarc
  • Kemoc vestai-Reshtarc
  • Kexen vestai-Reshtarc
  • Konn, son of Reshtarc
  • K'orvette zantai-Reshtarc
  • Krimm tai-Reshtarc
  • Krolk vestai-Reshtarc
  • Kuge sutai-Reshtarc
  • Kullor epetai-Reshtarc
  • Kuvalex vestai-Reshtarc
  • Minsan Reshtarc
  • Reshtarc



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The Reshtarc linename has become popular among many Klingon enthusiasts/costumers/enactors, and is often used as their House when "in character". Author Keith R.A. DeCandido gave a "tip of the hat" to such groups by naming the opera composer in A Burning House as "Reshtarc", and further saluted one particular individual by naming Reshtarc's son Konn for that person's Klingon persona.[3]


  1. Line age listed as estimated at 125-150 years around reference stardate 2223 in the 2280s decade. That would point to an origin in the late 21st century using the FASA/SFC dating system or as late as the mid-22nd century using standard dates.
  2. More exactly, 2303 SFC, the reference stardate of the Next Generation Officer's Manual.
  3. Verified by online query on TrekBBS, 4 Feb. 2008.