Linguacode was a translation matrix created in the 22nd century by Hoshi Sato, who was in her late thirties. The device has been in use aboard all Starfleet starships since its creation. (ENT episode: "In a Mirror, Darkly") It was a system for finding commonalities in different languages, not a language in and of itself. (TOS short story: "Ambition") Its keys were universal constants like pi, simple molecular relationships, and the speed of light. (TOS novelization: The Motion Picture) It was specifically designed as a culturally neutral "antiencrypted" language medium. (TNG reference: Star Trek: The Next Generation Technical Manual)

In 2273, linguacode messages were sent to V'Ger, with no response. (TOS movie & novelization: The Motion Picture)

In 2366, linguacode was used by Starfleet in an attempts to communicate with Gomtuu. (TNG episode: "Tin Man")

In 2371, linguacode was used by the USS Enterprise-D in an attempt to communicate with the Intellivore. (TNG novel: Intellivore)

In 2378, linguacode was used by the USS Monitor in an attempt to communicate with the Totality. (ST novel: Captain's Peril)

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