Lisa M. Bennit was a 23rd century Human woman. She was a geologist who served aboard the Federation starship USS Enterprise in the 2260s under the command of Captain James T. Kirk.

History[edit | edit source]

In 2268, Bennit was in charge of the ship's geology department. She liked chicken sandwiches and tended to eat in her quarters. Her desk was cluttered with mineral samples and reports.

In 2268, Bennit was assigned to survey the tropical planet Tau Omega III. After her team's shuttlecraft Copernicus crash-landed, Bennit suggested that they might as well proceed with their mission. She was first to notice that the world was abnormally quiet, and tricorders showed that most animal sounds were in the ultrasound range. She completed an initial geologic study while the team's biologists and botanist studied lifeforms. She also found an old flint arrowhead. When the team first encountered sentient native lifeforms, Bennit compared them to mythological harpies. A threatening move by Kevin Fitzroy prompted them to attack, and Bennit raised her phaser, but it was batted away.

Two days later, pilot Lewis Baker consoled her in the mess hall about the mission's tragedies and invited her to a party he was hosting with friends in the shuttle maintenance section. (TOS - FASA RPG short story: "Planetfall")

She gave the planet's sole continent the preliminary name Bennitia. (Stardate Magazine vol. 1 (1984), Issue 3/4: "Tau Omega III: Planetary Survey")

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