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"Live Evil, Part 2" is the 51st issue of IDW Publishing's 2015 ongoing series of Star Trek comics.


Trapped within a turbulent ion storm, the U.S.S. Enterprise finally emerges unscathed, only to find itself in a twisted new reality! Captain Kirk leads an away team to a strange colony on Ceti Alpha V, where they meet a familiar... and dangerous... foe. Meanwhile, in orbit, Commander and the rest of the crew come face to face with a terrifying enemy: the I.S.S. Enterprise, flagship of the militaristic Terran Empire!

On Arronia II, James T. Kirk and Harry Mudd haggle over Mudd's payment before the disgraced captain simply shoots the smuggler dead and appropriates his ship.

On Ceti Alpha V, Khan, or Singh as he prefers to be called, leads the Enterprise team to nearby caves. In spite of the total lack of trust between the two parties, allies are in short supply at the current time. Singh then leads them to the only way of the planet: The SS Botany Bay, since modified for interstellar travel with modern 23rd century technology.

Aboard the ISS Enterprise, Spock is in interrogated by his counterpart and Nyota Uhura. After Captain Spock reveals the USS Enterprise is being sent to Earth, Spock explains that the USS Enterprise was sent to this reality by an ion storm. Uhura questions why her counterpart and Leonard McCoy's were absent with Spock answering they were on Ceti Alpha V along with James T. Kirk when the bombardment hit, suprising the Terrans that Kirk still lives in their reality. Knowing Kirk has survived impossible odds before, Spock tries to convince his counterpart to investigate. Captain Spock sees through the ruse instantly however and orders the Enterprise to maintain course...for planet Vulcan.

Abord the Botany Bay, Uhura's analysis of its computer reveals they are in an alternate reality which Singh takes as proof that they are both telling the truth. Kirk remains skeptical, convinced "Khan" has merely edited the database to lend credence to his tale. With the ISS Enterprise having vanished from the scanners, there is but one place in the whole galaxy they might go for help. The last vestige of a civilized society in a brutal galaxy: Qo'noS.

The USS Enterprise warps towards Earth to be retrofitted into a warship worthy of the Terran Empire under the command of Hikaru Sulu to the annoyance of Hikaru Sulu. In engineering, Montgomery Scott falls to his knees, courtesy of the agonizer applied by his counterpart. Though the Terran Scott had ostensibly boared the Enterprise to study how antiquated Federation technology was compared to Terran, the truth of the matter is that he couldn't wait to meet himself. After he threatens to inflict the same fate on Pavel Chekov however, the Terran Pavel shoots him in the back. This was not an act of altruism however. The fastest way to progress in the Empire is to assassinate your superior officers and Pavel merely saw a way to quickly ascend to the captain's chair.

The ISS Enterprise arrives in orbit of Vulcan which sports far more water and vegetation than its prime counterpart. Spock reveals that in his reality, Vulcan was destroyed by a Romulan terrorist. The brutality of the act shocks even Uhura but Captain Spock casually informs his counterpart that the Romulan Empire was destroyed by the Terran Empire before he brings his counterpart to the surface. In the shuttle, Captain Spock explains that Vulcan was terraformed following Terran conquest before he introduces him to the alternate Sarek. Since Vulcan still lives however, Spock must know. Does his mother?

On Qo'noS, the state of the planet leads Kirk to finally accept they are in another reality. Singh then leads the Enterprise crew to his contact. An elderly Klingon named K'Hav. Though happy to see his Augment friend, K'Hav is shocked to see Kirk for as it turns out, Kirk's Terran counterpart is also present and brandishing a phaser.




James T. KirkJames T. Kirk (mirror)Leonard McCoyNyota UhuraSpockSpock (mirror)Nyota Uhura (mirror)Hikaru Sulu (mirror)Hikaru SuluMontgomery Scott (mirror)Montgomery ScottPavel Chekov (mirror)Pavel Chekov


Harry Mudd (mirror)Khan Noonien Singh (mirror)GregorZahra • • KeenserK'Hav


Arronia IICeti Alpha VQo'noSVulcan




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