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Live by the Code is the fourth novel in the Rise of the Federation series by Christopher L. Bennett, and was released 29 March 2016.


Admiral Jonathan Archer has barely settled in as Starfleet Chief of Staff when new crises demand his attention. The Starfleet task force commanded by Captain Malcolm Reed continues its fight against the deadly Ware technology, but one of the task force ships is captured, its Andorian crew imprisoned by an interstellar Partnership that depends on the Ware for its prosperity. Worse, the Partnership has allied with a renegade Klingon faction, providing it with Ware drone fleets to mount an insurrection against the Klingon Empire. Archer sends Captain T'Pol and Endeavour to assist Reed in his efforts to free the captured officers. But he must also keep his eye on the Klingon border, for factions within the Empire blame Starfleet for provoking the Ware threat and seek to take revenge. Even the skill and dedication of the captains under Archer's command may not be enough to prevent the outbreak of the Federation's first war!


The Klingons request Phlox's assistance in investigating the death of their chancellor M'Rek. Phlox quickly establishes that he died from a genetically engineered virus created by Krit, the son of Antaak, triggering the succession process.

The Vol'Rala continues Starfleet's mission to eradicate the Ware. They come across the Partnership of Civilizations, a race who used the Wares by having volunteers run them for a few months each, being replaced before they suffer permanent damage. However, the Vol'Rala deactivates the Wares on each world in turn, leaving behind support ships to assist the change. Vabion allies himself with a Klingon privateer, Lokog, and together they protect the next planet in the chain and help them capture the Vol'Rala. In return, Lokog is provided with Ware drone ships.

The Pioneer heads to investigate only to learn that the Partnership races are incapable of having a technological society without the Wares. Furthermore, races not suited to the environments on the planets where the Wares have been deactivated have died in their tens of thousands. Meanwhile, B'orel, one of the candidates for Klingon leadership who has advocated the annihilation of the QuchHa', has ordered the massacre of one of their colonies, prompting senior QuchHa' to turn to Lokog's drone ships in order to fight a rebellion.

Phlox invites Archer and the crew of the Endeavour to the wedding of his daughter Vaneel and an Antaran, Pehle Retab. However, Phlox's Antaran-hating son, Mettus, kills Pehle's father Sohon shortly after the ceremony. Although he is to be extradited to Antar, Mettus is abducted by anti-Denobulan Antarans who intend to hold a show trial and execution. Phlox convinces the Antaran authorities to rescue him. Mettus is jailed on Antar and begins to rebuild his relationship with Phlox.

The Endeavour joins the Pioneer: En route, Sato is informed of Tucker's survival. They and Vabion separately track the origin of the Ware: A company created them for profit, gaining a monopoly on all products, but soon became so obsessed with profit that they failed to train any engineers to maintain them. Following their program to the letter, the Ware began the process of abducting people to replace its computer processes, eventually destroying the civilisation. Starfleet offer to help the Partnership by replacing the volunteers with computer processors but early experiments only destroy the Ware.

The war-like Klingon factions decide to declare war on both the Ware and the Federation. Deqan, the Arbiter of Succession, manages to alert the Federation to the first attacks and declares whoever ends the Ware-supported rebellion will be chancellor. Section 31, using information from Olivia Akomo, supply the Klingons with the means to destroy the Ware, with which they invade Partnership space. Starfleet are forced to retreat, taking as many refugees as possible to the worlds already free of the Ware. The Vol'Rala crew are restored to their ship and sacrifice themselves to cover the withdrawal. "Collier" is blamed for the information leak by Section 31, forcing Tucker to assume a new identity.

New Klingon Chancellor Khorkal ends the rebellion. Laneth kills Bo'rel in a duel (secretly using a poisoned blade) and K'Vagh replaces him on the High Council.

Tucker discovers Abramson has assumed a new identity as Akharin, supported by Akomo and Vabion. Now completely disillusioned with Section 31, he proposes an alliance.



USS Endeavour personnel
Elizabeth CutlerPedro OrtegaPhloxAranthanien ch'RevashHoshi SatoT'Pol
Referenced only
Michel Romaine
USS Pioneer personnel
Olivia AkomoBodor chim GrevEdiz KemalSamuel Abraham KirkTravis MayweatherKatrina NdiayeMalcolm ReedReynaldo SanguptaRegina TallaricoCharles Tucker III (Philip Collier) • Valeria WilliamsSandra Yuan
Referenced only
Therese Liao
USS Essex personnel
Miguel AvilaMorgan KellySteven MullenCaroline ParisBryce Shumar
Referenced only
USS Vol'Rala personnel
Hari BanerjiRamnaf BregGiered CharasTavrithinn th'CheenSilash ch'GesritZharian th'LesinasResthenar sh'PrenniAntocadra sh'ThyfonKitazoanra zh'Vethris
Starfleet and Section 31 personnel
Jonathan ArcherZheusal zh'EtharMov chim FlarMatthew HarrisSenthofar ch'MenlichKulef nd'OrelagAlexis OsmanMolsetev sh'RetsuThy'lek ShranT'ViriMarcus Williams
Referenced only
Maxwell ForrestSamuel GardnerW.M. JefferiesTakashi KimuraGeorge La ForgeFinirath ch'MezretUttan NarsuDonna O'NeillChelienal sh'RegdaVeneth RoosTrenev SharnMenteshay th'Zaigrel
SuD Qav personnel
Klingon High Council
AlejdarB'orelDeqanJa'rod, son of DurasK'Vagh, son of Wor'maqKhorkalM'RekNevokhRamnok
Vinithnel sh'Mirrin
Referenced only
Lecheb sh'MakeshAvaranthi sh'Rothress
Fintar BokalMathas KajelPehle RetabSohon RetabGolouv Ruehn
Referenced only
Referenced only
Danica EricksonFlint (Willem AbramsonAntonius Taranullus) • Hong Sun-wooJeremy Lucas
Referenced only
Haroun al-RashidZefram CochraneEmory EricksonMichelangeloArik SoongElizabeth Tucker
AntaakD'KhurKholarKlorekKon'JefKor, son of KaltarKorokKrellKrit, son of AntaakLaneth, daughter of GarjudMuqadWorik
Referenced only
BakokhDuras, son of ToralGarjudKahless the UnforgettableKaltarKrimM'TarMarab, son of K'VaghMur'EqRynarTygrak
Referenced only
Other characters
Rinheith ChepFendobGaraverBoda JahletPorthosRonledWylbet SkosTchonethTurimUmplorDaskel VabionTefcem var Skosunnamed Sris'si
Referenced only
BosharSanta ClausGondobGrollKeraKossLazarusMaltuvisMindlenNimthuMin glasch NoarPhindaDworra SindarSorbodElizabeth T'Les TuckerUzavehV'LasUrwen Zeheri

Starships and vehicles

Andorian shuttleUSS Atlirith (Kumari-class) • Atmospheric transport craftBalduk destroyerUSS Docana (Kumari-class) • USS Endeavour (Columbia-class) • USS Essex (Daedalus-class) • USS Flabbjellah (Sevaijen-class) • freight shuttleIKS Gantin (Raptor-class) • IKC Haj (D5-class) • USS Kinaph (Sevaijen-class) • IKS Krim (Klingon bird-of-prey) • USS Pioneer (Intrepid-class) • police skimmershuttleSuD Qav/Last Chance (corvette) • USS Tashmaji (Ilthirin-class) • USS Thelasa-vei (Kumari-class) • USS Trenkanshent sh'Lavan (Sevaijen-class) • Ware battleshipUSS Vol'Rala (Kumari-class) • Xarantine freighter
Referenced only
ambulance skimmerUSS Apollo (Columbia-class) • USS Ares (Columbia-class) • USS Buran (Columbia-class) • USS Ceres (Ceres-class) • USS Charybdis (Columbia-class) • DY seriesEnterprise (NX-class) • escape podGanges-class • hovertrain, J-classKarik-tor (Maymora-class) • Marshall-classNeptune-classUSS Phoenix (Columbia-class) • Poseidon-classRonuasUSS Shenlong (Columbia-class) • USS Soyuz (Columbia-class) • Tajtiq-classTellarite freighterIGS ThalisarUSS Valiant (Columbia-class) • USS Zabathu (Ilthirin-class)


Alpha Centauri (Centauri VII) • Andor (Laikan) • Antar (Capital MetrocomplexEnphera DesertTileb Prison) • Ardan IVArvospu system (Cometary belt) • Avathox (Zytheel) • Beta LankalBorderlandBriar Patch/Klach D'Kel BrachtCotesc system (Cotesc) • Denobula (Gronim RiverKaybin District; Tregnig Towers, Gronim CityMorxin Prison Complex) • Earth (Golden Gate Bridge; Starfleet Headquarters, San FranciscoSausalito) • EtrafsoMempa (Mempa VII) • Menvoq (Menvoq VI) • Nierl home systemPebru homeworldPheniot VQo'noS (Qam-Chee) • Qu'Vat colonyRastish (Oceantop City) • Rastish systemSrisWare construction complexWare orbital stationWare origin worldWare repair stationWare trading post
Referenced only
Alpha Centauri IIIAlrond • Antar (Vemton District) Arken IIB'Saari IICoridan IIIDa'KelDelphic ExpanseDeneva • Denobula (Central DesertGintoril rainforest) • Earth (CanadaChinaHokkaidoSão PauloTokyo) • GhahakGre'thorKaferiaKandari sectorKromnoth sectorMempa IIMempa VIIINarendraPegenorPheben (Pheben III) • Qu'Vat sectorRigel (Rigel IV) • SauriaSol systemStarbase 12Sto-vo-korTellarTheta Cygni (Theta Cygni XII) • TiburonTitanUnroth IIIVanotVenusVulcan (Irinthar Mountains) • YeqZenubex

Races and cultures

Andorian (AlrondianTalishThalassan) • AntaranArkeniteBaldukBoslicCentauranDenobulanEnlesriHuman (BritishEnglish) • HurraaitJelnaKlingon (HemQuchQuchHa') • MonsofNierlNuvianOrionPebruPegenoiSris'siTellariteVanotliVulcanWareXavoth
Referenced only
ArkonianBorgB'SaariCoridaniteGuidon • Human (AugmentGreekHinduMesopotamian) • KrutuvubKyrawManochaiMempanMenaikNausicaanPhebenReehansaRomulanSaurianTheta CygnianTiburonTyrellianVeganVissianXarantineZami

States and organizations

Abramson IndustriesAntaran CouncilAnti-Antaran movementCentral Investigation BureauClan of CheenFederation CommissionFederation Starfleet (Andorian GuardAlpha Centauri Space Research CouncilTellar Defense ForceUESPAVulcan Space Service) • House of AntaakHouse of DurasHouse of Mur'EqHouse of PalkarInterspecies Medical ExchangeKlingon Defense ForceKlingon EmpireKlingon High CouncilOrion SyndicatePartnership of CivilizationsPartnership judicial councilPoliceSection 31Silver ArmadaStarfleet CommandTrue Sons of AntarUnited Federation of PlanetsWare task forceWorldwide Automatics
Referenced only
Andorian Empire in exileDenobulan CuriaFederation CouncilFirst Families of RigelGrennex AerospaceGuidon PontificateHabitat for HumanoidsHouse of KorKeepers of the ThroneLechebistsMartian ColoniesRigellian Children's FundRomulan Star EmpireSmithsonian InstitutionStarfleet Corps of EngineersStarfleet IntelligenceTerra PrimeUnited EarthUnited Earth StarfleetVegan Choriomeningitis SocietyVulcan High CommandThe Ware Corporation

Ranks and titles

admiralagentambassadorArbiter of SuccessionArkonian Ambassador to the Federationarmory officerartistbiochemistbusinesswomancaptaincha'DIchchairmanChancellor of the High Council of the Klingon Empirechirurgeonchief engineerchief medical officerchief of staffChief of Staff for the Federation Starfleetcommandercommanding officercommodorecommunications officerconstablecouncillorcrewmancyberneticistdiplomatDirector of the Central Investigation BureaudoctorEmperor of the Klingon EmpireengineerensignfarmerFederation Commissioner of Defensefirst officerfleet admiralfleet commandergeneralgenetic engineergeneticistgovernorgunnerhelmsmanhistorianindustrialistjeghpu'wI'lawyerlegislatorlieutenantlieutenant commanderlinguistlinguistics officermercenarymerchant princessminermission specialistnavigatorovermateperformance artistphysicianpilotpiratepotterPresident of the United Federation of Planetsprosecutorprotocol officerquantum engineerracketeerrelief science officerresearcherscholarscience officerscientistsecurity chiefSenior Partnersensor officersensor technicianslavesoldierspystormtroopertactical officertechnicianterroristtribuneundermateUndersecretary for External AffairsVulcan Administratorwardenwarriorxenobotanistyeomanzhavey

Science and technology

adrenalineagricultureairlockanaerobicantennaanlac'venantigravantimatterantimatter reactorarcologyarthropodatmosphereautopsyawakening protocolazotosomebacteriological warfarebase-pairbiochemistrybioelectric fieldbiologybioneural circuitrybiosensorbiospherebioweaponbipedbloodbombbonebrachiatorbrain (pituitary gland) • carbon dioxidecarnivorecelebiumcellchemical warfarechemosensor tendrilchimerachronometercognitive therapycommunicationscommunications relaycommunicatorcyberneticscytogenic processcytolytic processdata coredata slatedata terminaldatabasedeflector shielddeuteriumdilithiumdiseasedisruptordisruptor bankdisruptor cannondistress callDNAearpieceecholocationecholocation nodeecologyecosystemelectromagnetic fieldengineeringenvironmental suitethaneevolutionFesoan classfirefluorinefluorocarbonfluorocarbon-sulfergenegenetic engineeringgenetic sequencergeneticsgenomegranitegravitygravity platehairhallucinationhardwareheating gridhibernationhominidhorticulturehydrogeniceimpact craterimpulse podinertial dampenerinfrared pitinvertebrateion trailjarJoviankilometerLife supportlight-yearlightning rodlipidlong-range sensorLor'veln cyclemagnetic bootsmagnetic fieldmagnetic sensemammalmathematicsmedicinemetaphasic radiationmethaneminefieldminingMinshara-classmolecular engineeringmoonletnavigational deflectorneural implantneuroplastic therapynitrogennuclear propulsionoxygenPa'nar Syndromeparticle beamparticle cannonpathogenphase cannonphase pistolphase riflephased nadion energyphaserphoton torpedophotonic torpedophysical therapyphysicsplanetplasmaplasma conduitpoison gas pelletpollutionpower relayprobeprocessorQu'Vat virusquantum entanglementquantum fluctuationquantum stateradiationradiation pulseradio frequencyrecognition codereplicatorretrogradereverse-engineeringsandstonesedativesensorsensor artifactsensor interference moduleshield emittershield generatorsickbaysignal arraysignal interceptorskeletonsymbiosissoftwarestellar windsterile field generatorstun pistolsubspacesubspace amplifiersubspace communicationssulfursulfur dioxidesulfuric acidsupernova remnanttelepathytemperaturetendriltext translation devicetheoretical astronomythrustertractor beamtranslation matrixtransparent aluminumtransplanttransportertransporter scramblerTrellium-Dtupuniversal translatorvirusvitamin supplementvolcanic gasWare security sentrywarp bubblewarp coilwarp drivewarp factorwarp fieldwarp five enginewarp nacelle • warp reactorwarp trailwetware

Dates and events

18952122213521522157216421902080s19th century20th centurycalendarcentiphaseCoridan disasterDenobulan-Antaran WarsEarth-Romulan War (Battle of Cheron) • Eugenics WarsEvacuation of Ardan IVFesoan Lor’veln YearLor'veln cyclemilliphaseNovemberOctoberPhaseQuchHa' uprising (Battle of Beta LankalBattle of Da’KelBattle of GhahakBattle of Mempa VIIBattle of MenvoqBattle of Qu'Vat) • Temporal Cold WarThirdmoonWare crisis (Evacuation of CotescEvacuation of Rastish) • Xindi crisis

Other references

accentAltarian marsupialamphitheaterAndoriiantelopeanaerobicartassassinationbacchanaliabaptismbarbat'lethbeagleBerengarian dragonBhakuBiblicalblackmailbloodwinebriar plantbridgeBuddhismCaptain's log, USS Vol'Ralacheesechokerchurchcoffee/qa'vIncolonycontinentcorgicornCoup d'étatThe Creation of Adamd'k tahgDenobulan lemurDenobulan winedesertdestruct protocoldictatorshipdistress signaldolphineconomyemuengineeringEnglish languageexecutionextinctionfaminefirmfirst contactflabbjellahflegnar beastThe Forgotten EnterprisegardengarottegauntletgenocidegraniteGreat Reformgrishnar catgymnasiumHa'DIbaHhallucinatoriumhate grouphazelnutHomneHhospitalhuntingHurraait languagehurricaneIDICinterrogationja'chuqjury duty • ’’khest'nklongatknifelaboratorylavalegislaturelibrarylithographmanacle • ’’Mauk-to'Vormedical clinicmind meldmochamonarchymonsoonmoviemusicmythologyoceanofficeostrichparkparleypavilionphilosophypinkskinplantpotteryprejudicePrime Directivepropagandaprotectoratepublic bathqeS'a'raptor-wolfrestaurantriotRite of Successionriver deltarobesandsandstoneschoolsculpturesea-hornet moundsexualityshelthrethsia lentharslaverysoap operastatuestorehousestudiotargtaverntaxtempleterraceterrorismtheatertlhIngan Holtorturetreasonvghlar beetlevoatwalruswarwaterwineweddingxenophobiayurhaathzabathuzero-gravity combat trainingziggurat

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This novel covers the period from July 8 to December 29 in 2165.

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