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Livingston observes Geordi La Forge from his aquarium in 2368.

Livingston was the name of Picard's red, Australian lion fish. It lived inside the tank of the ready room, aboard USS Enterprise-D from 2364 to 2371, until it was nearly destroyed at Veridian III. (TNG movie: Generations)

In 2368, Q decided to change the crew of the USS Enterprise-D into Klingons. This included changing Livingston into a Klingon version of the lion fish as well. (TNG comic: "The Way of the Warrior")


A Klingon version of Livingston.

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Named for TNG director and producer David Livingston, the aquarium was intact at the end of the film. It was unknown if the fish itself survived afterwards, though. The aquarium was vaguely seen again in Star Trek: First Contact, Star Trek: Insurrection, and Star Trek Nemesis.

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