Lloyd Boen was an Human male in the 23rd century and 24th century.

Lieutenant Boen served as science officer aboard the Soyuz-class USS Bozeman in 2278 when it was lost in the Typhon Expanse.

In 2368, after spending 89 years, eight months and 23 days of objective time caught in a temporal causality loop along with his ship and crew, Boen and his crewmates were debriefed by Department of Temporal Investigations agents, Gariff Lucsly and Marion Dulmur.

In 2369, Boen sided with the Bozeman's acting First officer, Lieutenant Parvana Whitcomb, in a mutinous attempt to travel back to their own time. At the Eridian Vault, he found the Ky'rha Artifacts in Bay K44 and their power packs in Bay 42, with which the mutineers were going to use to attempt to return to 2278. Their efforts were thwarted by Lucsly and Dulmur. (DTI novel: Watching the Clock)

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