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More lively adaptations from television's most popular science-fiction series!
Complete in this volume
The Survivor
Our old friend Carter Winston is back aboard the Enterprise for a visit — or is he?
The Lorelei Signal
A strange "siren's song" calls the men of the Enterprise to an exotic planetLt. Uhura to the rescue!
The Infinite Vulcan
On a routine mission to Phylos, Spock is mysteriously kidnapped — he faces a dubious future!



This is the second of Alan Dean Foster's TAS adaptation collections which have been reprinted a number of times, often in omnibuses with other Star Trek Log books. Most recently in 2006 by Del Rey Books, an imprint of the original Ballantine Books publishers, as part of Star Trek's 40th Anniversary celebrations.


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Publication history

August 1974
First printing by Ballantine Books.
July 1975
First British paperback edition. (Corgi Books, ISBN 0-552-09830-2)
September 1976
Eighth printing. (ISBN 0-345-25043-5)
November 1978
Tenth printing, Stanislaw Fernandes cover. (ISBN 0-345-28265-5)
January 1982
British hardcover edition. (Severn House, ISBN 0-727-80820-6)
Star Trek 25th anniversary edition.
August 1992
18th printing, David Mattingly cover. (ISBN 0-345-32646-6)
January 1993
Collected in Star Trek Log One, Log Two, Log Three.
Collected in Star Trek Logs 1-3.
Collected in Star Trek Logs One and Two.


German : As Raumschiff Enterprise (Die neuen Abenteuer) #2: Der Überlebende. (Goldmann ISBN 3-442-23661-4)
German : As Raumschiff Enterprise (Die neuen Abenteuer) #2: Der Überlebende. (Loewe, ISBN 3-7855-2742-X)
Romanian : As Jurnalul 2. (Editura Cristian, ISBN 973-96620-1-3)

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