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SPACE. THE FINAL FRONTIER . . . These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise. Celebrate Star Trek's thirtiethth anniversary with the original mission logs chronicling some of the crew's most bizarre missions and strangest encounters with alien races across the galaxy . . . where no man has gone before.

The Enterprise's first captain, Commodore Robert April, is aboard the starship one last time enroute to his retirement ceremonies. On the way, Kirk attempts to save an alien ship headed straight for the Beta Niobe Nova. Instead, the Enterprise plunges through the heart of the nova and into an alternate universe where everything runs . . . backwards. Day is night, stars are black not white, and time flows into the past as people get younger with every breath they take.

When the Enterprise is sent to investigate a missing starship near Lactran VII, Kirk beams down to discover the Lactrans are giant, highly intelligent slugs, who admire humans for one reason: they make lovely pets. The situation appears hopeless when the landing party is locked up as exhibits in the planet's "zoo." Amazingly, Spock manages to convince the Lactrans that humans are not dumb animals and they agree to let the crew go--on one condition. Kirk and company must become interstellar big game hunters and capture the powerful, ferocious jawanda on a remote planet.

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This is one of the five TAS novelization omnibuses published by Del Rey Books in 2006 to celebrate Star Trek's 40th Anniversary. A newly-written, five-part essay by the author is serialized across the trade-size paperback volumes, covering Foster's involvement with the series, including how the Kumara subplot was derived from a two-part script he had once written for a possible TOS fourth season.

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