The Long Fang-class was a type of carrier starship deployed by the Sha'Kurian Ducal Territories in the late 23rd century. They were the primary form of starship used by the Sha'Kurian fleet and were the largest type of ship before the introduction of the Alpha-class super carrier. These ships were the equivalent of the cruisers and battle cruisers deployed by other local powers. (TOS video game: Klingon Academy)


The Long Fang-class carriers entered service in 2283 during the Sha'Kurian-Tholian War and began to replace the older Warrior-class carriers which had previously been deployed. The Long Fang-class was a marked improvement over the older Warrior-class which were slower and less manueverable which easily fell prey to the Tholian ships which used sophisticated webs to trap ships incapable of moving very fast. The revolutionary technology employed at the time allowed the Sha'Kurians to evade Tholian ships effectively and push the enemy back until a temporary armistice was achieved.

Despite the ships improvements, inferior shielding technology compared to other nations made the Long Fang-class incapable of fighting ships up to and above the size of a light cruiser in a one-on-one battle. This is why the usual Sha'Kurian tactic of using swarms of fighters to combat enemies were used which allowed these carriers to carry out long range assaults against fortified enemy positions with no true threat to the carrier itself. Despite the fact that they were quite large vessels which dwarfed typical cruisers of other races.

To fulfill the Sha'Kurian philosophy regarding war, the Long Fang-class was lightly armored but had excellent speed allowing it to catch up to enemy ships easily or quickly escape from harm. Typical tactics seen also involved these ships fighting in pairs where they could rely on each other for support against enemy attacks.

Sha'Kurian battle fleets generally consisted of around 53 Long Fang-class carriers along with 253 Hunter-class light carriers and 187 Warrior-class carriers. (TOS video game: Klingon Academy)

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