Lonnic Tomo was a Bajoran female and the adjutant to Minister Jas Holza.

In 2318, she was present when Jas was contacted by the Cardassians who sought to make contact and return the remains of Jas's starship the Eleda. She cautioned Jas to be careful in his dealings, especially with Kubus Oak, whom Lonnic didn't like at all. She was also deeply hurt when Jas didn't tell her about the worsening situation on Golana.

Five years later, Lonnic was still advising Has, but she felt that he had been deeply changed. She soon realized that Jas had become a pawn of Kubus when he ordered two of his scoutships to join a Militia strike force that was to seek revenge for the attack on Cemba Station. Lonnic decided to join the fleet because she thought she could accomplish more there so she joined the crew of the Clarion. The force was successful in finding the enemy and nearly destroyed them when Cardassian warships beamed bio-weapons aboard the Bajoran ships, killing everyone, including Lonnic. (TLE - Terok Nor novel: Day of the Vipers)

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