Lor'Vela was a female Andorian (possibly either zhen or shen), who brought peace to Andor after the Age of Lament.

Lor'Vela was the daughter of a clan leader called Geshev. At the age of 14, disgusted by her mother's dishonorable behavior, she fought and won a duel for the leadership of her clan. The new leader abandoned her mother's ways and introduced methods cooperation and laws designed to channel the Andorians' aggressive nature.

Eventually, word spread of her methods and Lor'Vela gathered the chieftains of Andor's clans together for a summit. After 60 days of duelling and negotiation a new council was formed to govern the planet, with two concessions, Lor'Vela's clan would be disbanded and the history of the clans that led to the wars that had devastated their world would be forgotten and destroyed.

Lor'Vela's actions spared the Andorians from annihilation and she would be revered for this for centuries after. A city was named in her honor as well as the Andorian's first warp ship. (Last Unicorn RPG module: The Andorians: Among the Clans)

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