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Lorne Conners was a 23rd century Human man. He served as team leader for Project Nursery aboard the FOMP Onizuka in the 2280s.


Conners was born in the southern region of North America and retained a hint of a southern accent. He had reddish-brown hair, freckles, and was tall.

He spent 15 years conducting marine biology and zoology research, often finding himself acting as a buffer between scientists and government officials as part of his job. He developed professional-level expertise in zoology, botany, hydrology, swimming, and the operations of aquatic vehicles and environmental suits.

In 2286, Starfleet asked him to lead Project Nursery. His chose to limit studies of the humpback whales George, Gracie and Jessie to visual observations from sea skimmers and making audio recordings of their whalesongs. Aside from harmless tracking devices, he disallowed sensor scans, feeling that the whales might somehow be sensitive to them, and kept Onizuka far enough away as not to disturb them, decisions that were controversial among his staff.

After the whales congregated near Hawaii, Halawa Chief Michael Holokaue petitioned Conners to remove the whales from the area. If he refused, the government of Hawaii ordered Federal District Marshal Andrea Foreman to assume command of Onizuka.

When the baby whale was abducted and hauled eastward, Conners took a vote among the crew whether to pursue aboard Onizuka or borrow a fast skimmer from Honolulu. (FASA RPG module: The Hottest Blood of All)