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A Zaranite collapses in a panel from the Los Angeles Times Syndicate's Star Trek comic strip.

The Los Angeles Times Syndicate (1949-2000) was a newspaper syndicate, a business which provided content to subscribing newspapers. It published and distributed a variety of comic strips, including the Star Trek US Comic Strips series from 1979 to 1983.

The syndicate launched a Star Wars comic strip several months before developing a competing Star Trek strip. Alfredo Alcala worked on both strips.

Ron Harris, who drew five of the stories, worked simultaneously on the syndicate's comic strip adaptation of the Dallas TV show. Paul Chadwick, a comic artist who assisted Harris with "The Savage Within" and "The Nogura Regatta", also worked on Dallas.

Sharman DiVono and Dick Kulpa worked on the syndicate's Legend of Bruce Lee comic strip.

These stories have been reprinted by IDW in The Newspaper Comics, Volume 1 and The Newspaper Comics, Volume 2, as well as by Eaglemoss in three volumes of their Graphic Novel Collection.

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