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"Lost Dominion" (formerly known as "The 2800") is an episode, i.e. a chain of missions, in Star Trek Online. Initially presented in February 2012 as "Feature Episode 4: The 2800", it was incorporated into the "Cardassian Struggle" mission chain at the end of the launch event.

The episode chain was renamed "Lost Dominion" with the release of Age of Discovery in 2018, and separated from the main Cardassian Struggle arc.

The episode consists of five missions:


The player character is called to Deep Space 9 by Commander Mesi Achebe of Starfleet to represent their government at an international conference on the mounting threat posed by the Borg. This conference is interrupted by the sudden emergence through the Bajoran wormhole of 2,800 Jem'Hadar warships that swiftly overrun Starfleet's defense picket and capture the station, forcing Captain James Kurland to evacuate the diplomats to Bajor, where a temporary command post is established in the city of Hathon.

Once there, the multinational force is able to make contact with Hadron, the bartender at Quark's, and determines that the Dominion forces occupying the station are the same fleet that the Prophets made disappear during Operation Return 37 years ago. Loriss, the Vorta in charge, refuses to surrender and return to the Gamma Quadrant, so the player character is ordered to penetrate Jem'Hadar lines in a shuttlecraft and contact current-day Dominion authorities.

Vorta representative Eraun agrees to order Loriss and First Kar'ukan to stand down in exchange for the Federation repatriating the female Changeling to the Dominion, so the player character and Eraun travel to the Federation super-max prison Facility 4028 where the female Changeling has been incarcerated for war crimes since the signing of the Treaty of Bajor. Kar'ukan attacks the prison, seeking the Founder, and refuses direct orders from her to surrender. Captain Va'Kel Shon leads a diversionary attack in the USS Belfast and the PC and Eraun escape, but the Belfast is destroyed.

Returning to DS9, the female Changeling orders Loriss to stand down, but Kar'ukan again disobeys orders, seeking death in battle. The PC spacewalks onto DS9's hull to assassinate Kar'ukan, but he escapes to his Jem'Hadar dreadnought and engages the joint Klingon-Federation fleet gathered to retake the station.

The battle goes poorly for the coalition at first, but then Captain Shon arrives with reinforcements, leading the charge in the brand-new USS Enterprise NCC-1701-F. Kar'ukan's flagship is destroyed and the remaining Jem'Hadar return to the Gamma Quadrant with Eraun and the Founder.


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