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The Lothorians were an advanced humanoid civilization indigenous to the planet Lothor.


In the 23rd century, Lothorian technology had advanced to the development of hovercars and winged aircraft. Their capital city had an airport near a government complex of spectacular architecture.

Law and government[]

Lothorians were governed by a parliament or council overseen by a president. The president had at least nine personal guards who wore helmets, red, yellow and blue uniforms, and were armed with rifles and holstered pistols. Lothorians had a death penalty.


In 2269, a Klingon strike team mass-hypnotized the Lothorian president and his council. When the starship USS Enterprise arrived to negotiate a treaty, the president invited James T. Kirk's entire crew to visit the capital city and attend a banquet. Most of the ship's personnel were subsequently hypnotized, then ordered to crash the Enterprise on Earth's capital city as part of a preemptive Klingon invasion of the Federation. (TOS comic: "By Order of the Empire")

Notable Lothorians[]

  • Lotharian president
  • Jathtar