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Loved Not Wisely… was a Star Trek: The Original Series comic book, the second issue in the Star-Crossed trilogy written by Howard Weinstein. The trilogy dealt with the relationship between James T. Kirk and Carol Marcus. The three issues were penciled by Rachel Ketchum, inked by Mark Heike and published by DC Comics in 1995. In this story, Kirk learned he was the father of David Marcus.

Publisher's description

From solicitations
After serving his tour of duty as First Officer of the Eagle, Jim Kirk is recalled to Earth. If he think that Starfleet Command is being mysterious, just wait until he meets up with Carol Marcus and the little surprise that she has for him.


Personal log, Kirk recording. After twenty-one months as first officer of the Eagle, I've been recalled to Earth. I'm not sure why. Nobody at Starfleet would tell me. Gary Mitchell came along for the ride. He thinks they're going to make me a captain. I think he's delusional.

Mitchell invited him to a night on the town, but Kirk preferred to surprise Carol Marcus at the Federation Science Academy in San Francisco. She agreed to dinner, but the tables were turned when she stopped off at day-care to pick up 10-month-old David Marcus. After putting David to sleep that evening, she revealed that he was Kirk's son.

The next morning Kirk visited the Kirk farm in Riverside, Iowa, played catch with this three nephews and asked his brother Sam for advice. Before lunch, he received a communique offering him command of a light cruiser and was ordered to return for briefings. He left messages for Marcus inviting her to attend the change of command ceremony at noon the next day.

Captain's log, supplemental. Kirk recording. This is my first entry as commander of the USS Oxford. All departments report operational. The ship stands ready to resume its mission as soon as we receive orders from Starfleet Command.

His mother Winona Kirk attended the ceremony and gave him a copy of Verses by John Donne, a family heirloom. They said their farewells when Mitchell signaled that a V.I.P. awaited him in the briefing room, who turned out to be Marcus. He proposed but she declined, understanding that Kirk was already married to Starfleet and that David would not benefit from having an absentee father. She asked that Kirk stay out of David's life if they weren't going to be together.

Mitchell manned the helm of the USS Oxford as Kirk ordered the ship to depart.



Brett KirkGeorge "Sam" KirkJames T. KirkPeter KirkRobbie KirkWinona KirkCarol MarcusDavid MarcusGary MitchellBen Wu
Referenced only
CupidJohn DonneAurelan KirkGeorge Samuel Kirk, Sr.Tiberius KirkMajewski

Starships and vehicles

USS EagleUSS Oxfordshuttlecraft • tractor


Earth (Riverside, IowaSan Francisco) • SpacedockStarfleet Command
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Races and cultures


States and organizations

Federation Science AcademyGeneva Agricultural ProgramStarfleetStarfleet AcademyUnited Federation of Planets

Science and technology


Ranks and titles

captaincommanding officerdoctorFederation Starfleet ranks (2260s)helmsmanlieutenantscientistskipperStarfleet ranks

Other references

beambridgebriefing roomcattleconference roomfarmfootballgalaxyGolden Gate Bridgehorseimpulse powerKobayashi Maru scenariolaboratorylifelovemarriagemilemonthorbitplanetStarfleet uniformStarfleet uniform (2240s-2265)starshiptransporter roomuniverseVersesyear



18th century
The Kirk family migrated from Scotland (more than 500 years prior to the story)
The Kirk boys enjoyed playing with the family's broken tractor (20 years prior to the story)
Carol Marcus departed from the Eagle two months pregnant (17 months prior to the story)
David Marcus was born (10 months prior to this story)



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