Lovok was a male Romulan who lived in the 24th century. He was a member of the Tal Shiar and held the rank of colonel in the 2370s.

Biography[edit | edit source]

In 2371, Lovok was replaced by a Changeling after the Founders learned of Enabran Tain's plan for the Cardassian Obsidian Order and the Tal Shiar to join together to annihilate their species by destroying their homeworld in the Omarion Nebula. The Founders hoped that by luring the Romulans and Cardassians into a trap, it would leave only the Federation and the Klingons for the Dominion to deal with, with plans already in motion to deal with those two powers. After the Jem'Hadar attacked the fleet, "Lovok" revealed that he was a Changeling to Odo and Elim Garak and helped them to escape, due to the Changeling belief of not harming another. Lovok pleaded with Odo to return with him to the Great Link, although Odo refused. (DS9 episode: "The Die is Cast")

Alternate timeline[edit | edit source]

In an alternate timeline in which the Cardassians did not leave Bajor and Changelings infiltrated every major power, Lovok - the real one - was in charge of providing the military information on the Klingon Empire when the Romulans were engaged in a war with the Klingon Empire. Lovok was frustrated when none of the intelligence gathered by the Tal Shiar reached the military, and he believed some of the commanders had mislaid it out of spite because of a lost loved one, and Lovok considered it irrevelant. Lovok would later be killed by a Changeling impersonating Koval, allowing the Founders to completely infiltrate the Tal Shiar. (ST - Myriad Universes novel: A Gutted World)

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