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Lt. Commdr. Spock: Psycho-File was an original four-page Gold Key Comics story published in the omnibus The Enterprise Logs, Volume 3 in 1977. It was the third of four original Gold Key stories which appeared only in omnibus publications.

In this story, several personal incidents were told from Spock’s childhood.


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Being of a mixed heritage, young Spock found himself taunted by young racist Vulcans. The incidents broke his mother Amanda’s heart. Sarek tried to reinforce Spock’s Vulcan heritage by training him to mind meld, but the boy struggled with his technique. One night Sarek had fallen into a depression at the base of Mount P-Ta and had fallen unconscious. In his mind, Spock heard Sarek cry out and rushed into the desert to find him, rescuing him with a rope and proving his mind meld to be a success.

At age seven, Spock underwent his kahs-wan ordeal, going without food, water or weapons in the desert for seven days. Spock survived by killing a lizard through the use of cactus needles and his shirt, but couldn’t bear to eat the animal. That was stated to be the true ordeal, enduring that which Vulcans loathed to do. Spock kept the horn of the reptile on a plaque as a memento, bearing the inscription “May I never kill again.”

Later that year, T'Pau officiated at the betrothal of Spock and T'Pring, with Sarek and Amanda attending.

Many years later, while on board USS Enterprise in the 2260s, Spock endured the stresses of a pon farr, which appeared to affect his judgment. The ship was endangered, but Spock put Kirk's life ahead of the safety of the ship and rescued him. The situation would have prompted a court martial except for Kirk’s intervention.



Amanda DruceMelvin DruceJames T. KirkLeonard McCoySarekSpockT'PauT'Pring

Starships and vehicles[]

USS Enterprise


Vulcan (Shi-Kar, Mount P-Ta, Vulcan's Forge)

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StarfleetStarfleet Security

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captainexplorerscience officertrader

Other references[]

betrothalbicepcactuscourt martialdesertEarthidenti-faxkahs-wanmagnetapemind meldMount P-TaNew Chicagophaser-2pon farrSarekscapulascience officerservice numberShi-KarSpockStarfleet Securitysurgical laser


Related media[]


  • Spock was shown enduring a pon farr while serving with Kirk and McCoy aboard the Enterprise, but not during the events of TOS episode: "Amok Time", and McCoy was familiar with the condition. No explanation was offered for how Spock could go through another occurrence prior to 2274, although it was possible that the events of Amok Time had not entirely reset or assuaged the seven-year cycle.
  • Spock’s height was reported to be 187 cm, or 6' 1", and weight as 78 kg, or 172 pounds.
  • Sarek was not drawn to resemble Mark Lenard, nor did Amanda Grayson resemble Jane Wyatt.
  • In this story, Spock and Sarek mind melded, which was contrary to later-established canon in TNG episode: "Unification".
  • Events from this story drew heavily upon young Spock’s experiences in TAS episode: "Yesteryear", although this time we saw the actual kahs-wan ordeal.




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